IST Diploma

The IST Diploma Program is a unique course that enables participants to enhance their skills in Oracle Development and Database Administration.


  KNEC IT Diploma

This course is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge , skills and attitudes to perform system operations, System analysis, design and development, besides performing network system and support duties.


 ISEH Diploma

A professional career in Information Security offers financial stability, success, recognition and self-gratification. You not only emerge as a hacker but also our diploma program opens up many job opportunities.


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 Holiday Study Experience

Kenya, a land of magnificent natural and human contrasts, offers an unsurpassed educational and cultural destination. Whether it is Oracle, Red Hat, Sun Solaris or Novell, IST in Kenya is the ideal location for a field trip.

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 Join IST Study Allumni

The The IST Alumni may be the most important planning exercise we have engaged in. It has generated a multitude of great ideas for moving our institution forward, and it validated what many of us had been thinking for some time.



The ability to provide individualized support to IST students is quite refreshing. Although IST is an Educational Institution, it was comforting to know that as a fraternal organization we were able to individualize and tailor to our students needs.