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Advanced Linux System Admin

Advanced Linux System Admin

Designed for students who have completed Linux for Beginners course or individuals who have fundamental knowledge of Linux and are looking to advance their knowledge. Linux advance focuses on the key tasks needed to become a full time Linux administration by going deeper into Linux administration. 

  • Build skills needed by a Linux system administrator to be able to handle systems in a proficient way 

Individuals who have fundamental knowledge of Linux or those who want to refresh their skills. The organization of the topics assumes one has the basic skills in Linux administration. 

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Using Regular Expressions With Grep 


• Create regular expressions to match text patterns 

 Use grep to locate content in files 


Creating and Editing Text Files with Vim 


•Explain the three main modes of vim 

• Open, Edit, and save text files 

• Use Editor shortcuts 



Scheduling Future Linux Tasks 

• Schedule one-time tasks with at 

• Schedule recurring jobs with cron. 

• Schedule recurring system jobs. 



Controlling Access to Files with Access Control Lists(ACLS) 

• Describe POSIX access control lists 

• Manage POSIX access control lists 


Adding disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system 

• Manage simple partitions and file systems 

 Manage swap space. 



Managing logical volume management (LVM) storage 

• Describe logical volume management components and concepts 

 manage logical volumes 

• extend logical volumes 

Controlling and troubleshooting Linux boot process 

•Describe Linux boot process 

• Repair common boot issues

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