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Advanced SQL Database Course

Advanced SQL Database Course

Oracle Database Administration: Advanced Fundamentals of SQL training helps you to create materialized views to replicate data across servers, improve performance by using simple SQL syntax, use Analytic SQL to aggregate, analyze, report, and model data using the SQL Analytic capabilities. 

  • Use the data dictionary views to research data on your objects. 
  • Query various data dictionary views. 
  • How to create and maintain database objects. 
  • Managing Schema objects 
  • Manipulating data using subqueries 
  • Anyone who has undergone basic knowledge of SQL Beginner course 
  • SQL Beginner.  
  • Basic SQL skills. 



 Backup and Recovery: Concepts 

  • DBA Responsibilities 
  • Categories of failure 
  • Flashback technology 
  • Phases of Instance Recovery 
  • Complete and Incomplete Recovery 


Backup and Recovery: Configuration 


  • Configuring for Recoverability 
  • Configuring and Monitoring Fast Recovery Area 
  • Multiplexing Control files and Redo log files 




Performing Database Backups 


  • Backup solutions 
  • Oracle Secure Backup 
  • Backup Terminology 
  • Types of Backups 
  • RMAN Backup types 



Perfoming Database Recovery 


  • Opening a Database 
  • Keeping a database open 
  • Data Recovery Advisor 
  • Loss of Control file, Redo Log files, Data files. 

Moving Data 


  • Moving Data 
  • Oracle Data pump  
  • Directory Objects for Data Pump 
  • Creating Directory Objects 
  • Performing a Data Pump Import 


Database Maintenance 


Database Maintenance 


Automatic Workload Repository(AWR) 

AWR Infrastructure 

Managing Performance 


  • Performance Monitoring 
  • Performance Planning 
  • Memory Management 
  • Automatic Memory Management(AMM) 
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management(ASMM) 

Managing Performance: SQL Tuning 


  • SQL Tuning 
  • Oracle Optimizer 
  • SQL Tuning Advisor 


Using Database Resource Manager 


  • Database Resource Manager overview and concepts 





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