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Advanced Web Development

Advanced Web Development

The Web Design course equip the student with skills to design, create, and maintain web pages and websites. Students learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they’re important, and learn to create and manipulate images. The course progresses from introductory work on web design to a real-life project in which students design and develop websites that can help the community. 

  • Basic computer skills. 

Chapter 1 

  • Basic Concepts 
  • Meaning of a web 
  • Getting a website live on the web 

Chapter 2 

  • Setting up the environment 
  • Text-editor e.g. Notepad++, Sublime text, Dreamweaver 
  • Browser e.g. Google Chrome 

Chapter 3 

  • HTML basics 
  • HTML tags 
  • HTML attributes 
  • Block and Inline elements 
  • HTML Images 
  • Structure of a html document 
  • Links 
  • Layout 
  • Responsive design 
  • Forms 
  • Tables 
  • Lists 

Chapter 4 

  • CSS Basics 
  • CSS Syntax 
  • Ways of using CSS with HTML 
  • CSS colors 
  • CSS links 
  • CSS Font 

 Chapter 5 

  • JavaScript Basics 
  • Understanding what JavaScript can do. 
  • Ways of using JavaScript with HTML 
  • JavaScript output 
  • JavaScript Comments
  • JavaScript variables 
  • JavaScript Operators 
  • JavaScript Data types 
  • JavaScript Functions 
  • JavaScript conditions 
  • JavaScript Loops 
  • Understanding getElementById() methods 

Chapter 6 

  • SEO Basics 
  • What is Search Engine Optimization? 
  • How to make search engine friendly website 

Chapter 7 

  • Website monetarization 


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Advanced Web Development