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Licensed Penetration Tester

Licenced Penetration Tester

Being an LPT (Master) means that you can find chinks in the armor of defense-in-depth network security models with the help of network pivoting, making exploit codes work in your favor, or by writing Bash, Python, Perl, and Ruby scripts.

In this course, you will learn professional security and penetration testing skills. The course curriculum is designed to show advanced concepts like scanning against defenses, pivoting between networks, deploying proxy chains, and using web shells. The last module of the course includes an SOW for each of the various networks we have created for the course. This, combined with the composition of various ranges, mimics a professional penetration test. Time is limited and you will be required to identify the attack surface followed by the weaknesses of the machines that are on the network.

You need to have the following;

  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

You will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate a repeatable and measurable approach to Penetration Testing
  • Perform advanced techniques and attacks to identify SQL injection, Cross site scripting (XSS),
  • LFI, RFI vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Perform privilege escalation to gain root access to a system Demonstrate ‘Out-of-the-box’
  • and ‘lateral’ thinking
  • Get access to proprietary EC-Council Penetration Testing methodologies
  • Exploit vulnerabilities in Operating systems such as Windows, Linux
  • Identify and bypass perimeter protections
  • Perl, Python and Ruby scripting for the penetration tester
  • Advanced post exploitation and persistence
  • Extending Metasploit with custom modules and exploits
  • Pivoting from external into internal networks
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes when drafting a professional penetration testing report

You will cover the following;

  • Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Information Gathering Methodology
  • Scanning and Enumeration
  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation
  • Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Preparing a Report
  • Practice Ranges

This training prepares you for the following certification:

  • Licensed Penetration Tester

How you'll be assessed?

Theory 90%
Practical 90%
Exam 90%


7th Feb 2020


7th March 2020


7th Sept 2020