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Linux System Admin for Beginners

Linux System Admin for Beginners

Designed for IT professionals without previous Linux System administration experience. Its intended to provide students with Linux administration “survival skills” by focusing on core administration tasks.

At the end of this course you will be have learned and been exposed to Linux fundamentals which allow you to start your path in system administration.  

IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essential Linux administration tasks, including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage and basic security administration. 

  • No formal prerequisites, however previous system administration experience on other operating systems will be very beneficial 



    Installing Linux 

    • Preparing to Install Linux 

    • Performing Manual Installation 


    Using Essential Tools 


    •Basic Shell Skills 

    • Editing Files with Vim 

    • Understanding the Shell Environment 

    • Finding Help 




    Essential File Management Tools 

    • Working with file system hierarchy 

    • Managing Files 

    • Using Links 

    • Working with archives and compressed Files 





    Working with Text Files 

    • Using common text file-related tools 

    • A Primer to Using Regular Expressions 

    • Using grep to Analyze text 

    •Working with other useful text processing utilities  


    Connecting to Linux environment 

    • Working on local consoles 

    • Using SSH and Related Utilities 



    User and Group Management 

    • Different User Types 

    • Managing User accounts 

    • Creating and managing group accounts 

    Configuring Permissions 

    • Managing File ownership 

    • Managing basic permissions 


    Configuring Networking 

    • Manage network settings and devices with nmcli and network manager 

    • Modify network settings by editing the configuration files 

    • Configure and test system host name and name resolution. 


    Managing Software 


    •Managing Software Packages with yum 

    •Managing Software Packages with rpm 


    Managing Partitions 

    • Understanding MBR and GPT partitions 

    • Managing Partitions and File Systems 

    • Mounting File Systems

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