WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT? – Institute of Software Technologies


On the 18th September 2019, the Chief executive and Co-founder of Andela Company, Mr. Jeremy Johnson announced that the organization shall be laying off approximately 250 junior engineers from their firms in Africa.

Andela was founded in 2014 to empower Africans who wanted to learn and work as software developers. Over the years, it has always been the most funded tech startup company in Africa receiving grants and partnership with well-known brands. After years of successful enrollment they announced that, there was a shift in demand by majority of the employers they worked with. This prompted their decision to discharge over 250 junior engineers by making them redundant. From their statement, Andela preferred hiring senior engineers.

In the above context, it is evident that technology is evolving faster than ever before and the demand for qualified software developers is estimated to grow 21 percent from 2020 to 2028. As we move to a data-driven world, organizations are willing to adapt to the changes in the tech space. This means that they need to stay competitive and add value to customers through shipping features from new and unfamiliar technology that makes things work.

Imagine any device system or a company in this day and age that performs meaningful functions without depending on the software in a way? In other words, there will always be a need for specialists in the software development industry. We have seen this with the rise in demand for full-stack developers in the past few years.

To put it simply, there is a future in software development for anyone who wishes to venture into this field. When technology advances so does the career expectation for a software developer. Your relevance in any given field is dependent on the education level you possess. Historically, career progression was largely linear, meaning that a person could only progress in accordance to his qualifications. However, majority of the organizations that exist have embraced the lattice module of career progression. Your success in your career is dependent on the impact you make within the company. This can only be attained by attending an institute that embraces quality education https://www.isteducation.com/


Just note: Advancement in tech does not mean that a software developer will be replaced but it guarantees you of creating, developing and maintaining technology.